Wednesday’s Grateful Post 

Today I am grateful for my amazing Saturday. 

Today I am grateful I was given the opportunity to be the guest speaker at the Right Royal Affair. This is the big fund raiser for the Royal Brisbane and women’s Hospital Foundation. Over 500 people go and it is a very gala event. 

I was very surprised to be asked. I was asked to speak at a dinner last year and I thought that was my way of giving back to the Royal and sharing the story about my accident and my recovery. This time I shared not only the story about my accident but I was able to share my connection with the Royal Brisbane. My dad was a vascular surgeon at the Royal and I used to visit patients with him, I trained at the Royal and I spent ten years as a registered nurse at the Royal. I was then a patient at the Royal in 2015 for 3 weeks. 

I developed life long friendships from the Royal and I am sure that is where I learnt to laugh and love life. We were exposed to so much of the terrible side of life. 

Jan, Jane, Joy and Jenny – friends from my training days


The day we graduated.

The four of us together again last week.

As I said in my speech the Foundation is able to respond to these terrible things and develop research and education which helps to make the lives of many of the people of Brisbane better. 

It was such a big week last week. It was 2 years to the day from the accident when I did my speech. I also finished all my hours for my Graduate Diploma in Counselling. It feels like life is going to have some very exciting new beginnings. 

About to speak.

I am very grateful for Karen Galligan the marketing manager from the Foundation for asking me to speak. I am very grateful to Sami Lukas for introducing me on Saturday night and getting all the room to be quiet. I am grateful to Petrol Clothing and Paula for my beautiful dress. I am grateful that nobody in the room spoke while I was speaking and many people gave me positive feedback afterwards. I am grateful to my husband David for making sure I got to the stage without tripping and for giving me a big hug once I had finished speaking. I am grateful that my sister Liz came up from Sydney and brought some of her lovely friends. I am grateful that my lovely friend Lisa and her husband Graham came along to support me and the Foundation. I am grateful for my beautiful friend Cass who is on the Foundation committee and who has always been an amazing friend. 

Sami Lukas and I

My friend Cass George and I

Today I am also grateful to be able to write this blog from the most beautiful place in the world while enjoying a delicious breakfast. 

Until next time 

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Another lovely post Jen and thanks again for encouraging me to show my gratitude.

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