Wednesday’s Grateful List – A celebration of the amazing women in my life. 

Today I am grateful for the amazing women that inspire me every day. 

Today I am grateful for my Mum. She was a teacher and then a Mum. She has inspired me to continue my important role as a mum and has often reminded me how important and valuable that role is. She has also done many other amazing things in her life. She was President of the Mothers group at Grammar, then President of the P and F at Grammar. She then took on a role on the ethics committee at Greenslopes Private Hospital. She is now a volunteer guide at GOMA. She continues to inspire me with her continued role in our community and as my Mum. 

My Mum

Today I am grateful for my sister Susan. She has two very precious beautiful children and she should be very proud of her role as Mum. She has been a scientist and is now following a passion in Early Childhood. Any child who has Susan as a teacher is very privileged. 

Today I am grateful for my sister Liz. She is a lawyer in Sydney and is the Head of Technology, Vendor Management at Origin Energy. She is doing a Masters of Law and International Development. Liz is an amazing role model for women, she has smashed that glass ceiling and she is a fantastic aunt and sister. 

My sisters Sue and Liz and I

Today I am grateful for my friend Michelle Beesley. Michelle is a mum, a teacher and now a writer. Michelle writes for She Brisbane. I have watched Michelle’s passion for writing grow over the last few years. As her passion has grown so has her confidence. Any person who is interviewed by Michelle should be honored to be interviewed by such a vibrant, intelligent woman. 

Three of my special girlfriends with Michelle in red.

Today I am grateful for my friend Michelle Taylor. Michelle was the owner of Intherapy for many years and always looked after me beautifully. She was a very good listener and an astute business woman. I love that Michelle has continued as a business woman and is also taking time out for herself. Michelle is another woman who I admire for her achievements and for running a very successful business while maintaining her special nurturing role. 

Today I am grateful for my amazing friend Lisa Brown. Lisa is a mum of three beautiful children. Lisa has one child with a number of special needs. Lisa inspires me because she is always an advocate for her children. She has a huge role as a mum of those three children but she is always willing to take on other roles – as fundraiser, commmittee member, fashion model, tennis player, and all round inspiring human being. I am always inspired by Lisa’s positive demeanor and drive for what is best,right and possible for all those in our community.

Lisa and I have been friends for such a long time but I had no photos of her and I so I pinched her Facebook photo.

Today I am grateful for Nicole Cody. Nicole Cody is a psychic, metaphysical teacher, organic farmer and writer. Nicole and I went to school together. Nicole has worked in the corporate arena but now works from a very authentic place to inspire others to love life. She writes a blog called Cauldrons and Cupcakes. I am inspired by Nicole because she lives an authentic life and often when she writes I find it is just the word of advice or thought that I need on that particular day. 

Nicole Cody – taken from her blog Cauldrons and Cupcakes.

All my girlfriends are very special and all of them inspire me in some way. There are also women in the public arena who inspire me . Today I have chosen these six women to write about and be grateful for. These women are incredible because they are true to themselves and whether it be mothering, following a career, juggling motherhood and work, being a good business woman or being true their essence they all have followed their passion and done it brilliantly. 

And so on International Women’s Day 

Until next time 

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  1. Love you too, gorgeous friend. Am grateful for you too, Jen xx

  2. Remember Me says:

    My list would be long too Jen and you would be on it for encouraging me to always rememberhow important it is to show gratitude.

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