Sunday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for the amazing day I had yesterday. 

David and I came down from Brisbane on Friday, flew into Canberra, picked up a car and drove to Thredbo. 

David did the L’Etape race yesterday. L’Étape Australia by Le Tour de France is a cycling event run under professional conditions for amateurs, with closed roads, a challenging route, a Sprint and a King of the Mountain section. It was run around the Jindabyne Area of the Snowy Mountains. This was the route: 

 I had a wonderful day. 

I am grateful I got to watch David start. 

I also grateful I managed to catch up with two lovely friends Jen and Mason Cowle. They did the ride too and I saw them start also. 

I am grateful David had an awesome race and finished in 68th place out of about 4000 competitors. I think this is an incredible achievement and I am so proud of him. 

I am grateful Jen and Mason also finished with very good times and I am very grateful that Jen and Mason rode together and looked after each other. 

I am grateful the three of them all finished safely. 

I am grateful I was able to get a photo of me and Chris Froome, the three time winner of the Tour of France. He came and rode the race and was a wonderful ambassador for the sport the whole day. He even caught the train after the race. 

I am grateful that I met a lovely lady called Ananda at the start. She was supporting her partner who was doing the race. We got chatting and she was very keen to do a walk and have breakfast. It was lovely we managed to walk 5km around Thredbo and had breakfast together. She was fit and healthy and we both had very similar interests. I really enjoyed her company and was thrilled to be able to share my morning with such a nice person. 

I am grateful that Jen, Mason and David and I were able to catch up for dinner after the race. We shared a lovely meal at a restaurant called The Terrace Restaurant in Thredbo. We were very lucky that we actually got to share the meal as the whole area lost power earlier in the afternoon. Luckily the power was restored and we got a beautiful meal. It could have turned very ugly if the power hadn’t come back on – the area was full of 4000 hungry and tired cyclists and the only place that had power was the pub in Thredbo because it had a generator! 

What an amazing day! 

Until next time

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