Tuesday’s Grateful List 

Good morning. Today I am grateful I am grateful I have time and energy to blog. The last week I have not had time or energy to blog. This morning I feel well enough to be able to sit down and breathe and take some time to blog.

Today I am grateful I am at the end of a three week very strict detox. I have had no coffee, no wine, no sugar, no wheat, no dairy and no meat. I feel well enough today that I think I will be able to add some exercise into the mix tomorrow. It has been very hard and very tiring but I think I look well and have lost some weight. 

Today I am grateful my girls had their dance concert on Saturday. It was beautiful. Sophia spoke beautifully in a drama performance and Lucy did her first point dance. She danced beautifully and looked elegant and poised. 

Today I am grateful I was able to watch David race Brisbane Blast on Sunday. He looked so strong and young and fit and fast on Sunday ( even in comparison to a whole lot of young fellas). 

Today I am grateful we were able to have a 17th birthday party for Lucy at home on Sunday. She had 20 17year old girls over. They were lovely girls and I loved having them here. 

Today I am grateful that I am going to start putting the Christmas decorations out today! 

Until next time

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