Monday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for birthdays.

Today I am grateful to be forty nine.

I am grateful to be forty nine because I am not dead I am very much alive.

I am grateful to be forty nine because I love the ages my children are – not only are they independent, happy people but they can make and did make a cake for my birthday and gave me flowers and chocolate. 

Today I am grateful I am forty nine because I have wonderful friends that I can share special times with and that I choose to spend time with. I was lucky enough to watch Riverfire with dear friends and there was cake involved!

The river before the fireworks.


River fire . Photo courtesy of Melanie Quinn

Today I am grateful I am forty nine because I was spoilt by my husband. We went shopping together and he bought me a beautiful new outfit. He drove back to Brisbane from Palm Beach so we could go to River fire and we enjoyed watching Singing in the Rain yesterday afternoon. 

I know many people do not like getting older but for me I am grateful for many reasons. I know I am getting more wrinkles (even though my children told me yesterday that I didn’t have any – bless them!) but I have a wonderful life. David and I are able to enjoy each other’s company. I am still able to travel. I travel with David, I travel with our family and I travel with girlfriends.  Our children are still at an age where they want to spend time with us and are quite independent. I still have all my faculties. I am able to walk, swim and cycle. I have the ability to continue learning and studying. I love birthdays and I love being able to enjoy and celebrate them. 

Each age brings different challenges and different parts of life to enjoy. When I was young I enjoyed single life and school. When I was newly married I enjoyed setting up our home and getting to know David. When I was in my thirties I was constantly tired but loved raising and caring for our children. Now I am in my forties I still enjoy getting to know David, I am still raising our children and I love their company too. My Mum and Dad and David’s Mum and Dad are still incredibly independent and I love their company and being part of their continuing journey through life. I have a wonderful circle of friends and I am so glad to be able to share their journey through life also. 

So today I am grateful for my birthday and being able to live life to the full. 

Until next time 

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Jen.

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