Saturday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer. 

I have spent many years doing volunteer work for the children’s schools and now I am volunteering in a palliative care unit. 

Today I am grateful for the many friendships I have as a result of the volunteering I have done.

Today I am grateful for the many friendships that I am starting to develop as a result of the new volunteering I am doing.

Today I am grateful for all the things I was able to achieve with the assistance of the committees I was on and the daily volunteering I have done. Some examples of these things were computers for the school, readers for the children, a new Tuckshop, a new garden, an access road, making many many bacon and egg burgers for hungry rowers, and many other programs that have benefited my children.

Today I am grateful that I have had the time to be able to do these things.

Today I am grateful that in my role as palliative care volunteer that I am not constrained by a patient work load and I am grateful I can spend time talking to patients, helping patients to fill out their menus and do other odd jobs like freshen up all the flowers in the ward.

Today I am grateful that my children have all done some volunteer work. Nicholas has worked as a rowing coach and even though that is paid it is more a labor a love. Lucy has worked on school stalls and in a community in India building a toilet and helping a group of school children with sporting supplies and Sophia has worked on some school stalls. I think they all understand what a big difference can be made by doing things in areas that their is no monetary return. 

Today I am grateful that David also has worked as a volunteer. 

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Great post as always Jen. Volunteering is great I really enjoy the little I’m still able to do.

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