A Reflection of the last Twelve Months 

Good morning all. Today I am grateful that I am alive and well. It is a year today since my horrible cycling accident. Today I am just going to put down my thoughts in no particular order about the last twelve months.

I am completely well. I believe I have recovered completely. I have full movement in my left arm and wrist following my fractured ulna. I have full movement in my shoulder following my frozen shoulder. I have minimal discomfort in my abdomen where my abdominal scar is. I have no problems with my digestion following the belting I gave my bowel. My remaining kidney is functioning well.I have finally got no back pain. I have been seeing a chiropractor, doing Pilates and continuing physiotherapy and the combination of all three has resulted in no back pain. I am fully mobile and I feel fantastic. 
I am overwhelmed with the care and concern that was shown to me and my family following my accident. This care and concern has continued this whole year. I would like to thank you all for being so generous with your time and thoughts. 
I often get asked if I saw a white light or had the feeling that I was going to die on that day. I have never had the feeling that my time on this earth is close to being over. I have always believed there is life after death and this has not changed.
I am very aware that life can change in an instant and I think I have a greater appreciation of how wonderful life is. I have moments when I am totally overwhelmed by the beauty around me and the exceptional people in my life and it takes my breathe away. 

I have had people say there will be some reason for my accident. I think that is a load of rubbish. Bad things happen to nice people all the time. I do not believe there is some greater purpose or reason for this. I think it is just the way it is. 

I used to want to change the world in some grand way. I am now happy to change one small part of my world. I am very happy to give time to my friends and family and do volunteer work. If I make one persons life a little easier I am very content that that is a very important role that I have. 

Exercise now fits into my life. I don’t fit my life around exercise. If I wake up in the morning and don’t feel like exercising, I don’t. I am getting fitter and stronger but am not as fit as I used to be and I am ok with that. 

I wish I could turn back the clock and have not had an accident on my bike. I can’t turn back time. Change happens for everyone. I am not special. We all get older. Our skin ages, our bodies change, and  our minds get a little more forgetful. None of us can make ourselves younger, bring back someone who has died, undo an unkind word that has been said or undo an accident or illness. We all just have to do the best we can, be gentle with ourselves and kind to all people because we all go through stuff that is hard. 

Today is the day I will stop thinking about the 7th June and start thinking about what is ahead. I acknowledge that I had a bicycle accident. I acknowledge that I have had many months of recovery. I acknowledge that I hold my loved ones closer because I am aware of how easily they can be lost. It is time to stop using the 7th June as a reference point for my life and to start just living. 

I know I am a little bit different now but I don’t think I am too different.

Thank you again to all of you for being a wonderful support and encouragement. If I can ever do anything for you please give me a call.

I will continue to blog. I will continue to ride my bike. I will continue to love life. 

Here is a song for today

All my love until next time.

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  1. Pippa Wood says:

    Nicely put Jen, and I agree – i think things just can and do happen. I am glad you are feeling in a good place and achieving a sense of balance.

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