Week Forty Six Friday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that I am under no time pressure. It is Day five of our American holiday today and David and I are traveling to San Francisco. We got to the airport this morning and our 11am flight was cancelled. We have been scheduled to fly out on a 4pm  plane  and  we are wait listed to be on a 1pm flight. 

I am so grateful that we do not have to get a connecting flight anywhere. There were people in the queue who were supposed to be on our  plane who had connecting flights to Singapore. They were going to miss their connection. David and I have nothing booked or planned today so there is no problem if we are delayed. 

“People say there’s delays on flights. Delays, really? New York to California in five hours, that used to take 30 years, a bunch of people used to die on the way there, have a baby, you would end up with a whole different group of people by the time you got there.“Now you watch a movie and [go to the toilet] and you’re home.” — Louis C.K. 

Today I am grateful David booked us on business class because it means we get preference if there are any seats available on earlier flights. I am a little worried as our baggage is probably going to be on an earlier flight. 
Today I am also grateful that I am safe. During the night my phone alerted me that there was an armed and dangerous person on the road in Las Vegas. We were also alerted when it was again safe. I am constantly amazed at the technology available that allows messages like this to be sent. We got one in Japan when we were there last time that alerted us to the impending earthquake……Wouldn’t it be nice if a message was sent to say today is beautiful and we hope you have a wonderful day! 

I will let you know when we arrive in San Francisco …….

Until then 

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2 Responses to Week Forty Six Friday’s Grateful List 

  1. Remember Me says:

    Hope you are safely in the company of the ‘Flower People’ by now: showing my age!

    • admin says:

      Nope . Still sitting in Las Vegas airport – we are up to 12hours now. My gratefulness is wearing thin…..

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