Week Twenty Eight Thursday’s Blog Post 

I am in Niseko, Japan at the moment and I have much to be grateful for. 

I am grateful to have a beautiful warm house to enjoy and I have the most beautiful view while I sit and read, meditate, listen to music and pretty much just chill.

Today I am grateful that I managed to work out how to get my spotify music to come out of the speakers in our house. I didn’t even have to ask the children! 

Today I am grateful that I can talk on Facebook messenger to friends far away. I love that we can all be so connected but so far away from each other.

Today I am grateful for thermals and beanies and warm coats and gloves. It is so cold here but I am so warm.


Today I am grateful for beautiful friends. Our friends The Suchtings joined us yesterday. We have a house full of  great friends.  When they arrived last night there were hugs all round. Hugs for our kids, hugs for us. The Suchting children are the same ages as our children and we all get on so well. We are so lucky. 


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