Week Twenty Saturday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for people I admire. These people include people in the public eye who do things to make the world a better a place, they are spiritual leaders who I have come to admire, and they are my friends who are leading lives that are authentic. There are many other people who I admire but these are the ones I am grateful for today. 


Today I am grateful for Brene Brown. She is a research professor of Houston studying vulnerability, courage, shame and authenticity. I have watched her TED talks and read some of her books. Her website is www.brenebrown.com and my favourite of her TED talks is The Power of Vulnerability

Today I am grateful for Thich Nhat Hanh. He is a a respected Zen master, a poet, and a peace and human rights activist. He has been interviewed by Oprah and I especially like his  Tea drinking meditation.

Today I am grateful for Nicole Cody. Nicole is an old school friend who is a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. She writes a blog which includes recipes for creativity, soul growth, writing and life…..and is called Cauldrons and Cupcakes. She writes beautifully, is very wise and gentle, has provided lots of wonderful guidance and is a great cook! 

Today I am grateful for Quentin Bryce and Rosie Battie. I have children growing up in a world where violence is happening every day. I am a very firm believer that to have a world that is peaceful we need to start with strong individuals, we need to work on strong relationships in which both partners are equal and this in turn will contribute to communities that function compassionately and peacefully. Quentin Bryce has led a task force investigating domestic violence and resulted in a report called Not Now, Not Ever. The premier has adopted 140 recommendations made in the report. Rosie Battie’s son was murdered  by her former partner and the father of her son. She has written a book about her life and set up an organisation called Never Alone. I am lucky to have grown up in a loving and kind family. My children are growing up in a loving and kind family. I would like all people to have this opportunity and applaud people like Quentin and Rosie who stand up for those vulnerable members of our community. 

Today I am grateful for my friend David Shelberg. He and I have sung together and have ridden our bikes together. David is one of the people in our community who stands up for what is right and supports people quietly in his own way. David coached with MB coaching when I first learnt to ride – he caught me lots and lots of times and saved me from many bruises. David is part of the reason I love cycling. David has given me the opportunity to sing in public – we have shared singing sessions together which is so good for the soul. David has a very good friend at the moment who is having a tough time. David has helped this friend to access the right help. I admire David and his wife Carolyn and believe they quietly make a big difference in our community. 

Today I am grateful for my friend Nicci Heath. Nicci and I have also cycled together and sung together. Nicci has four children and a beautiful husband Andy. Nicci lives life wholeheartedly. She has struggled with depression and anxiety over the years. I am grateful that she is well and I am grateful for the friendship we share. She is not only a wonderful cycle coach and a wonderful mother but she is a shining example of a strong woman who values herself and her family and is a woman who’s depression and anxiety do not define her. She also is someone who makes a difference in our community and stands up for strong individuals, equal partnerships and compassionate communities. 

Of course it goes without saying I am grateful for my husband David – but I will say it just so he knows. 

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