Week Twenty Thursday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for my home. I know I have been grateful about my home before. The name of our home is Waroon. It came from my great grandmother and grandfather’s property out at a place called The   Gums. The Gums is a very small town in the Western Darling Downs and my great grandparents drove sheep from Ballarat to The Gums, set up a sheep station and my great grandma was the postmistress at the Gums. My grandpa became a teacher at the one teacher school there after the war. When the property was sold the name plate from the old property came to my grandparents and then my parents. I loved the name Waroon and now have that original name plate above our front door. I have done a little bit of research and I think the name is an aboriginal word meaning resting place. It seems very apt at the moment. Every time I think things are getting back to normal something else comes along to slow me down and make me rest just a little bit longer. 

Today I am grateful that this resting is once again allowing me to take stock of my surroundings and appreciate what is going on at home and in particular my garden. There are so many things flowering – the gardenias, the roses, the jasmine, the orchards and the grevillea. They are all so beautiful. 

Today I am grateful that I don’t suffer from allergies and that I can appreciate the fragrance of all the beautiful flowers in the garden.

Today I am grateful that I am all tucked up in bed blogging while David is taking the children to the ACDC concert. 

Today I am grateful that all this lying around is making me think about doing some art again. I have done some form of art since having children. I did drawing classes, then mixed media and then watercolor. Maybe it is time to get out my pencils and paintbrushes again…..


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