Week Fourteen Saturday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful I have a very good Physio. I had not needed to see him until now because all I was doing was healing. I am still healing but I am ready to start preparing for proper exercise again. Because I have a big cut down my belly I need to re engage my abdominal muscles. Because I haven’t used my gluts for over three months I need to wake them up again and because I have not used my left arm for over three months it needs lots and lots of work. I have a manageable list of exercises to do each day. I have a goal of walking 5km. Hopefully these small goals will prepare me for my bigger goals of walking longer distances, running and getting back on my bike. I will also add swimming and gym back in when my arm has healed enough. I am going to be busy!

Today I am grateful that the sun is out today. My daughter Lucy is trekking at Fraser Island for four days for Duke of Edinburgh and I was very worried it was going to rain for the whole trek.

Today I am grateful that my doctor gave me the ok to drive when my arm was comfortable enough. I drove yesterday and managed which was fantastic. I won’t drive far but it gives me back some independence again.

Today I am grateful that Nick has a job. He has a job that only pays depending on what he sells. It is very tough and very little pay but I am proud of him for doing it ( I think he now has more insight into the benefits of uni). 

Today I am grateful that David’s Grandma Audrey is ok. She was admitted to Wesley hospital yesterday with chest pain. She is pain free now and will probably go home in the next few days. 

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  1. Michele Taylor says:

    Today I am grateful that your blogs are getting more and more positive. Love to you beautiful Jen xxx

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