Week Fourteen Tuesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for the wonderful wonderful weekend I have shared with Leigh Passfield, Michelle Beesley, and Kerryn Suchting. These beautiful women have looked after me and made sure I didn’t overdo it. As a result I feel refreshed and almost normal ! I have loved their company for the last few days – thank you girls! 

Today I am grateful that the weather in Sydney in the last few days has been perfect. It has been beautiful and sunny and warm. 

Today I am grateful that I really enjoyed the play that we saw last night at the Sydney Theatre Company. It was called The Present and had Cate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh in it. Both were amazing. The reviews I had read were very verbose and confusing. The play was long but it was funny, thought provoking and wonderfully entertaining and I can now say I have seen Cate Blanchett in the flesh ( I think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world). 

Today I am grateful that Malcolm Turnbull is our new Prime Minister. I do not agree with the constant destabilization within politics and I believe Tony Abbott is a good man with good motives. I do not however believe the Liberal Party would have won the next election with Tony Abbott as leader. I believe the Liberal Party has a much better chance of being returned to government with Malcolm Turnbull leading. Let’s hope I am right! 

Today I am grateful that food tastes so good. After the accident I had so much nausea and for quite a while food didn’t taste very good. I am back to loving the taste of food and we have had lots of beautiful food and coffee and wine while in Sydney. I know our husbands won’t believe it but I don’t think any of us went into even one shop! 


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