Week Ten Thursday’s  Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that I went to the movies this week. I went to see Last Cab to Darwin. I am so grateful that I went with my friend Victoria – it was a movie about euthanasia and raised all sorts of curly questions in a very Australian way. It was quite unexpected as I hadn’t read anything about the movie. Victoria and I worked together years ago and talk regularly about palliative care so it was quite serendipitous that she and I chose this movie to see together. By the way I loved the movie. 

Today I am grateful that I am still getting flowers and cards. I got a very heartfelt card yesterday from a cycling friend and a beautiful bunch of flowers from a very old friend. It is lovely and such a surprise to still be receiving gifts and cards eleven weeks after my accident. It continues to make me feel very loved and cared for. 

 Today I am grateful for my lovely friend Cass George. She looked after me yesterday. I cherish her care and our friendship.

Today I am grateful that my door didn’t fly open when I was coming home from dropping Nick at the bus stop. Nick was running late and so I dropped him at the bus stop. I was in my pjs and when he got out he didn’t close the back door properly . I was in Ashgrove so didn’t want to get out to properly close the door! 

Today I am grateful for not having set an alarm for eleven weeks! I think I have been grateful for this before but it is heavenly to put no pressure on myself to be anywhere or do anything by a set time. 


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  1. Michele Taylor says:

    Lovely Cass! Of course she would be your friend xxx

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