Week Nine Friday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that Lucy rated my hug nearly a ten! She said it was nearly back to normal. Lucy has rated my hugs over the last nine weeks and has been very caring and gentle according to how my hugs felt to her. It was lovely tonight to get a rating that recognized I was almost back to normal.

Tonight I am grateful for leftovers! We had beautiful Neil Perry Spaghetti Sauce complements of my sister and brother in law Sean and Alex. It was delicious and fed us last night and tonight. Yum!

Tonight I am grateful for wonderful friends. I caught up with one of my cycling  friends Liz McCormack today.  Liz had organized a couple of the other girls to come – so it was Liz and Jenny Wood and Meredith. It was a wonderful surprise. We enjoyed good coffee, good company and warm sunshine.

Today I am grateful that my friend David Shelberg has only a mild concussion after a very nasty accident on Sunday. I am grateful he has no broken bones.

Today I am grateful for the wonderful boys who look after my garden. Two years ago I had to sack the gardeners that had worked on our property for over ten years. It was one of the most difficult things I had ever had to do. We considered moving because of the difficulties and tension it was causing. We found a local company called Scapeland. They do a wonderful job and I now spend a lot of time enjoying our garden instead of regarding it as a stressful chore.


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  1. Coralie Flint says:

    Dear Jen,
    I am grateful that I know you! That I have known you since you were a baby and watched you grow into a beautiful mature woman whose light and love brings joy to all who have the good fortune to meet you on their journey through this life. Gentle hugs from me, dear girl. xx

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