Week Nine Thursday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful for the Bertie Beetle Bag that my girls brought me home from the Ekka.

Today I am grateful that my girls are old enough to go to the Ekka with friends. Lucy went with friends and Sophia went with a friend and her Mum. This meant I DIDN’T have to go! I do love going to the Ekka but this year I would have been very nervous about getting sick and/or getting bumped by the crowds. 

Today I am grateful that the world had Robin Williams. It is a year since he committed suicide. He gave so much to the world through his acting and comedy. I am so sad he is gone but every time I need a real belly laugh I google Robin Williams on You Tube where his comedy lives on. 

Today I am grateful that I have one rose on my rose bushes. They were all cut back recently but there is one rose already. 

Today I am grateful that I saw David’s Grandma Audrey this morning. She is 93, lives on her own and is amazing. We talked about all sorts of things – the family, politics, life and marriage to name a few. We both decided we were disappointed that Tony Abbot isn’t as good a prime minister as we were expecting he would be. 


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