Week Six Tuesday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful that I saw my sister today. She is so special and I am so lucky to have two sisters who mean so much to me. 


Today I am grateful for patience. I am surprised how much I can manage to do when I do not give up. For example I wanted to wear a particular necklace today but it is not one that went over my head. I had to do up the clasp. I managed to use one hand and a lot of patience and I managed to do it up. 

Today I am grateful for ginger nuts. My very special Mum made a batch of ginger nuts for us this week. They are so yummy ……and it is a secret recipe that has been passed down from Grandma so I cannot share it. 

Today I am grateful for my very special friend Kerryn Suchting. She has been very quietly coordinating people behind the scenes so our family is very well fed.   ( I can’t manage to upload a photo of her. This is such a shame because we have done so much together – we have made fairy floss, been to a One Direction Concert, been in the same team for The Noosa Tri, and skied together to name just a few things we have shared). 

 Today I am grateful for The Voice. My favourite battle has been “We Built This City” which was on last nights episode. It reminded me of the fun we used to have during my nursing days. 

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