Week 3 Sunday’s Grateful Blog

Today I am grateful that I didn’t need panadol at midnight. That is because I slept all night!! Yeh! 

Today I am grateful for sleeping all night until 5am this morning. It is the first full nights sleep since the accident. 

Today I am grateful for SBS. It means I have lots of coverage of the Tour de France for the next three weeks.

Today I am grateful for the Tour De France. I watched the individual time trial this morning and I realized how much I miss riding and how much I really want to get back on my bike. 

Today I am grateful for the seasons. I woke this morning and looked out on the Liquid Amber tree and realized it has lost almost all it’s leaves. When I came home from hospital it was green. It just shows how quickly things can change and that things never stay the same. I am feeling so much better this morning in comparison with a week ago. Hopefully in another week I will be feeling even better.  


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  1. Ken Russ says:

    It is so good to hear your improving. Little steps at first and then it just seems to come together. Give it time and it will speed up almost by itself.

    Go you good thing.

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