Day 23

Today is Saturday. We went to the Le Marais area today and had a look at Notre Dame from the outside. Le Marais was filled with delightful little boutiques and cafés. Our concierge had advised to try a Falafel in Rue Des Rosiers. We did and it was delicious!! He also told us about a wonderful eclair place called L’Eclair de Genie. Oh my goodness – it was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted!

We sat in this garden to eat our eclairs.


We went back to the hotel in the afternoon and the children got ready for their trip home to Australia. We made our way to the airport with four hours to check in and send them on their way. Unfortunately Charles De Gaulle had a different idea. Air France staff refused to issue boarding passes for the children due to some obscure rule. The result of four hours of intense negotiation between David and the airport staff ended with us leaving the airport with the children and going back to our hotel. It was a very very stressful few hours. Everyone was safe however. We had a delicious dinner in the hotel bar and crawled into bed.

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  1. Petina Roberts says:

    Oh Jen so what happens now? Your trip sounds wonderful. xx

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