Day 21

Everyone was tired today. We all had a slow start to the day. We decided to stay in Nice for the day rather than venture to some more of the smaller towns. We went to Musee Matisse and Musee Chagall. Both were wonderful. I love Matisse’s work the best. He tried to combine the thought of art, movement and music into his artwork. Chagall’s work was very big and colorful. The gallery his work was in was quite stunning. It was a relatively new building and meant his work was displayed very well. Musee Chagall also had a lovely garden and a nice little cafe where we had lunch.


Our afternoon was spent wandering the shops in Nice and assisting the local economy. We had dinner at a restaurant that was quite surprising. It was on the street behind our hotel. Most of these restaurants are very touristy. The one we chose was on a rooftop. We were surrounded by potted olive trees , it had a DJ and a very groovy bar. The food was also very delicious. The name of the restaurant Le Hussard.
We leave Nice in the morning. Nice has been a very good base for this part of France. Monaco was very beautiful and would have been a lovely place to stay but outrageously expensive. We stayed in a very convenient part of Nice. We had a lovely view of the ocean. We used Nice as a base to explore some of the smaller towns in the area which worked very well.
We are back to Paris in the morning.

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  1. Cass George says:

    Would recommend you visit FAUCHON for an eclair before you leave Paris!
    Go to Madelaine – this one has an internal courtyard for lunch!!

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