Day 17

Today’s blog is not really about our travels but a different journey I have been on for the last 6 months.
As many of you know I have not drunk much alcohol in the last six months. In fact I did not have a drink from the 1st of January until the 30th of June. Exactly six months. I had chosen to do this not because I don’t like alcohol but I do love a beautiful glass of champagne, a crisp white wine or a cold beer on a hot afternoon.
I chose to do this because I love the way I feel with no alcohol in my system. The benefits for me are better sleep, better diet choices, feeling clearer during the day and on waking, being better hydrated because I drink much more water when I don’t drink alcohol, I enjoy exercise more and I seem to recover better from hard days of exercise.
I have become very comfortable ordering sparkling water or a mocktail when I go out for dinner. My favourite mocktail is a non alcoholic Mojito. I still get questioned by people about my choice but now I am more comfortable not drinking it doesn’t worry me what other people think.
I had made the decision before we left Brisbane that I was going to have some times drinking alcohol while we were away. I chose to have my first drink sitting on the terrace at the Ritz in Madrid. I had a beautiful glass of champagne chosen by David. It was a beautiful afternoon with my family, a beautiful spot and I really enjoyed it! The second drink I had was to share a bottle of wine with David the next night. It too was beautiful. So beautiful in fact we finished the bottle and had another glass. I felt very yuk the next day. Something I haven’t felt for six months. I had a very big breakfast the next day of fruit and cereal, bacon and eggs and pastries! Not only did I feel ordinary but I also was disappointed in my food choices. I did not enjoy the day nearly as much as I was dehydrated, had not slept so well and was pretty hazy.
I am going to have the occasional glass of wine and champagne in the coming weeks but I am going to try and drink very little. I know this may seem very boring to many of you and I know that life is to be lived. My life seems to be much more enjoyable with less alcohol. I wouldn’t have known how much better I feel with no alcohol in my system if I hadn’t made that choice six months ago. I am very happy to have had no alcohol for the last six months and I feel my life has been enhanced by this choice. I also am very grateful to David as he has been very supportive about my choice. A side effect of this journey has been that he also has had less alcohol in the last six months. I know he has enjoyed how he has felt too.
I look forward to the rest of my holiday and having a few beautiful glasses of wine or champagne. I also look forward to continuing to drink a relatively small amount of alcohol and continuing to feel so well.
I challenge you all to try some time with no alcohol. You too may discover the benefits of having no alcohol in your system.

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6 Responses to Day 17

  1. Cass George says:

    Way to go Jen!
    Couldn’t agree more!!

  2. Melanie Quinn says:

    Wonderful to hear Jenny. I too have have stopped alcohol since second last week in June and feel great for it. Mine was because I had dental work done which was told no alcohol especially red and no coffee and tea – well I have maintained not having the alcohol and the coffee – tea I ended up drinking chai once. I will try and maintain this probably until Bali but I will try and limit the alcohol to really good champagne and occasional wine

    • admin says:

      Keep it up Mel! You will notice the benefits the longer you go. And yes if I am going to drink I too am going to have the best !

  3. Coralie Flint says:

    Bravo Jenny! Life is certainly for living, as you say, and you have been clever enough and brave enough to find out that life without alcohol is living well and happily. On reflection, I remember “living” with much laughter and fun for the last 44 years without alcohol while others around me enjoy their drop or three. Choices not essentials and both are personal. C. x0

    • admin says:

      Thanks Coralie. Loved your new Facebook photo! Amazing how much I notice others drinking the drop of three or four or ten…..

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