Wednesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for the day I had in Canberra yesterday. 

David and I started the day at the Canberra War Memorial. We did a tour of the memorial that took two hours. Our guide was a volunteer who was wonderful. At the end I asked her about Coast Guard watchers in Papua New Guinea. She was able to show me a section of the exhibition about coast guard watchers, the equipment they used and where they were stationed. I found this very interesting as my grandfather was a coast guard watcher in the Second World War. He was in the RAAF in the 304 Radar Station squadron as a Corporal. 

After the tour I went down to a volunteer who  helped me access my Grandfather’s records. The National Archives of Australia is recording all personal service records of the Australian Forces at the moment. I was able to purchase this record which I should receive in 90 days. Hopefully this will supply some information about my Grandpa that I can share with the rest of my family. I was also given an explaination of all the medals he has and how to get replicas that the family are able to wear if they would like to on days like Anzac Day. 

It was quite an emotional day. 

David and I then drove to Black Mountain and had a wonderful view of Canberra. 

In the evening we decided that dinner was in order. We didn’t book anywhere and were guided by our taxi driver. We ended up at a beautiful restaurant called Aubergine – a two hatted restaurant. It was very beautiful. 

Back at the hotel later that evening it was Christmas! 

What a lovely day.

Until next time

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Thanks for sharing Jen. I have some of dad’s medals his Skipper and another member of his Lancaster crew were Australians.

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