Monday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for my amazing amazing weekend. 

Today I am grateful that my family was all together to support my Mum and Dad on the day their house went to auction. Even though the house didn’t sell on Saturday there was a lot of interest and I know someone will love it and buy it to make a whole lot of new wonderful family memories in it. It was fitting Mum and Dad and my sisters had a photo in the kitchen that morning. 

Slide show

Today I am grateful that my sisters took Mum and Dad to lunch on Saturday while  I was able to stay at the auction. 

Today I am grateful that Saturday afternoon was a wonderful afternoon of fun music at the Triffid. It was an afternoon to raise money for 


Today I am grateful that David Shelberg gave me the opportunity to sing with him. We did lots of practice and even did some busking.


In the green room.

Today I am grateful that we got such a fantastic reception from the crowd in the beer garden at the Triffid when we sang.

Today I am grateful that so many friends came to support the event. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces in the crowd.

Today I am so grateful that my son Nicholas and his girlfriend Madi came to watch. It was an over 18 event so my girls couldn’t come to watch. 

Today I am grateful that my Mum and Dad and sisters and my sister in law all came to watch .

My sisters and I

Today I am grateful that my son picked me up from the venue later that night and brought me home. 

Today I am grateful that I went for a ride on Sunday morning followed by breakfast at St Lucys at the uni. I rode with some wonderful friends and felt incredibly safe.

Today I am grateful that I caught up with my oldest friends Lyndal and Naomi. It was wonderful to hear all their news about themselves and their families.

Today I am grateful I spent the afternoon with my sister Liz. 

Today I am grateful that my husband David is safe after his ride from Lorne in Victoria along the Great Ocean Road. 

The boys have qualified for The World Championships next year

I have had the most wonderful weekend with family and friends being supported and loved. Thank you to you all. 

Until next time

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    So much to be grateful for Jen.

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