Friday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for doing rowing breakfasts for the last seven weeks.

Today I am grateful for the lovely women I have worked with over the season. I have really enjoyed their company and I have learnt a lot about their girls.

Today I am grateful that I have helped to prepare beautiful food to fuel all the girls after their rowing session each Friday morning. We have made Bircher muesli, delicious muffins, bacon and egg burgers and fruit salad. I love that the girls have a big nutritious breakfast in their tummies to be able to then face the day.

Today I am grateful for all the grateful girls and their happy and tired faces at the end of their session.

Today I am grateful for all the coaches for all the time and energy that they have put in to developing training programs and running training sessions during the season. 

Lucy finishes her rowing season tomorrow at Head of The River. I am grateful that she has been in such a lovely crew, that they have trained hard, dealt with adversity in a resilient way and that she has had fun. I wish her and all the other rowers in the Brisbane Girls Grammar shed all the best tomorrow !

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