Week Forty Six Tuesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful to be having a wonderful holiday in America. The next few weeks I will be blogging about our holiday. 
We flew into Los Angeles and then up to Vegas. 

We are staying in an amazing hotel called the Wynn Encore.

Wynn Encore

I am grateful David and I both managed an eight hour sleep last night. 
Last night we went to a show called Showstoppers which was a collection of show tunes. It was amazing. We then had a late dinner at Andreas. It was contemporary Japanese in a very groovy setting. 
This morning we wandered The Strip. Everything here is big. The people, the meals, the buildings, the casinos……we walked though The Bellagio which had a Japanese Garden display. It was not at all zen like a beautiful Japanese garden – it was a Japanese garden on steroids.

The Bellagio

More Bellagio

More Japanes garden

And there is lots of sugar everywhere……even the spoons are made from sugar – 

Coffee with a sugar spoon

David and I have spent the afternoon enjoying sitting around the pool. Until tomorrow or the next day….

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Hope you continue to have a good time.

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