Week Forty Four Sunday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that our children are using our home. When our kids were younger we had lots of children here all the time – for kindy parties, for birthday parties, for breakup football parties and lots of other get togethers. In the last few years we haven’t had many parties for the children. 

Recently the kids have been starting to use our home again and it is lovely. 

Last weekend we had a beautiful group of girls here running around having water fights. They all sat in a big circle and had lunch after their massive water fight and chatted. They were so busy having fun they forgot to take any photos. I am so grateful for all the lovely sounds of laughter and friendship.

 Last night Nick was off to the law ball and had a pre party here with about thirty kids. Again it was lovely to hear lots of laughter and chatter filling our house. 

Before the Law Ball

I am so grateful that our home is again being used and filled with happy sounds and that I am well enough to enjoy and appreciate it. 

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  1. My parents house was always filled with our friends as well. Great memories.

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