Week Thirty Four Tuesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for all things related to Modern Medicine.

Today I am grateful for X-rays machines. I am having a mammogram today and although I know it will be very uncomfortable I also know that it is a procedure that will pick up any nasty lumps quickly. I would then have the best chance of a positive outcome.

Today I am grateful for blood tests. I had my electrolytes checked last week. The results came through and I know that my one remaining kidney is working very efficiently.

Today I am grateful for doctors. Doctors saved my life and so I am very grateful for all the doctors who were involved. I am also grateful for my regular GP who is wonderful. I am continuing to see an orthopedic surgeon and a urologist for continuing follow up care. I have a very high regard for both these people and trust that the care they are giving me is the best possible.

Today I am grateful for modern drugs. I am grateful that if I have pain I know I can take panadol. I am grateful that if I have an infection hopefully there will be antibiotics that can combat it.

Today I am grateful for modern sterilizing techniques. These techniques mean that we can have procedures safely with little or no risk of infection from the procedure.

I am aware that many people in our community are unhappy with the manner in which modern medicine is administered. I believe there is a much greater link between mind, body and spirit that is yet to be established. I also believe there is wonderful potential to reduce stress, improve diet and alter our environment to reduce the need for medicine and improve the outcomes when medicine is required. I  am however grateful for all the wonderful doctors, procedures and medicine that is available to make our lives better and healthier. 

I am aware that many people do not have a regular GP or one that they trust. I encourage you today to find one that gives you confidence. I believe it is essential to have regular medical checkups with someone who knows you well to ensure that the right medical treatment can be administered when or if needed. If you have procedures or check ups that you have been putting off I encourage you to organize to have them them done as soon as possible. The right treatment early can save your life. 


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  1. Remember Me says:

    Another excellent post: we are of the same mind. Incredible support from our G P yesterday. He is like family to us. Guess what will be one of my points of ‘Gratitude’ on Saturday?

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