Week Twenty Nine Sunday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful that I have not done my New Years Resolution ( or as I call it My New Years Inpiration List). A friend asked yesterday whether I had done my list yet – I always do one and I generally have achieved many of the things on my lists by the end of each year. 

I am grateful this year that I have a different attitude about my inspiration list. I am a very firm believer in hopes and dreams and I love having a goal to work towards but since the accident my the expectations about myself have had to change. I am determined this year to take things as they come, be gentle on myself and enjoy the journey of what each day brings. 

I would love to finish my Post Graduate Diploma by the end of the year but with all our travel and my inability to concentrate for long periods of time I have no idea whether this will happen. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to study and I will enjoy whatever learning I manage to fit in this year. 

I always have a fitness goal but this year those goal posts are seriously different. I plan to build up my core by doing regular Pilates ( which I have never done), do some weights and gradually build up my cardio fitness. Again I have no idea whether this will be walking, wind training or swimming or a combination of all three. Again I will be governed by my energy levels and enjoyment rather than a specific goal. 

I always have the goal to love my family and husband and I am determined to do this. I will not have any training goals or events to take up my time this year and so I know I will be able to spend lots of time with David and the children. 

I also always have the goal to eat healthily and lose weight. I am always my lightest for the year on the first weekend of November which is the weekend of the Noosa tri. This year my aim is just to eat mindfully and really really enjoy the food I am eating. Hopefully if I eat mindfully I will stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight and not put on too much.

   One thing I will be doing is participating in Febfast to have at least one month in the year to have no alcohol. It is a great cause as it raises money for youth effected by drugs and alcohol, is a great example for my  children and the benefits of realizing what it is like to it drink no alcohol for a specific time is very beneficial. I have signed up as Team Tucker and if you would like to join me for a month of no alcohol I encourage you to join my team – Team Tucker.

I am grateful to be able to take each day as it comes.

……………..oh and I might get another tattoo sometime this year! 

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7 Responses to Week Twenty Nine Sunday’s Grateful List

  1. Wm. Allen says:

    For the first time in decades, my New Year’s Resolution was to simply take things as they come. This goal for me is a bit of a challenge, after so many decades of constantly monitoring my progress towards this or that goal. What a surprise to see that is also your goal.

    • admin says:

      Yes I too have always been a list maker and a goal orientated person. This year is proving early that having a time frame is challenging. Good luck with living your year mindfully and joyously.

  2. Remember Me says:

    I like this post, probably beacuse it fits with our approach to life. We haven’t had a drop of alcohol since before Christmas. I think we may just stay off the bottle and can for quite some time. Good luck and keep osting.

  3. I stopped making new years resolutions years ago. I believe we can begin what we want to achieve anytime. Enjoying life is what matters.

    • admin says:

      I agree with you. I am interested though did something happen in your life to change your attitude all those years ago?

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