Week Twenty Nine Saturday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for my amazing life.

Today I am grateful for spending two weeks in Japan with my family and the lovely Suchting family. Although I didn’t ski this year because of my accident I enjoyed great company, beautiful food, amazing scenery and wonderful friendship.

Today I am grateful that we are all home safely from our trip. I am thrilled that as a result of my accident I now have no fear of flying. I used to be so terrified and tried taking sleeping tablets, drinking too much alcohol and finally and most effectively meditation. Since the accident I do not feel nervous. I keep waiting for the panic to return but so far it hasn’t. Even though I am not terribly nervous about flying at present I am still grateful when we land. I know there is still a possibility ( like everything in life) that something may happen to the plane while flying, taking off or landing. 

Today I am grateful that I was able to convince the children to unpack when we got home and I managed to do all the washing and folding  and put away most of it ( the reason for this was the  pressure of a combination of traveling to Adelaide today and having Mum and Dad coming over today and staying to look after the kids). 

Today I am grateful that I caught up with my friend Phillipa. She has been following my recovery from afar and has had some family challenges herself. It was so nice to here about her family and her life in Hanoi. I love that we can see each other every few years but still have so much to talk about and that we care about each other so much. I was thrilled that she took the time to drop in and see me.

Today I am grateful to be traveling to Adelaide to do a Bike Style Tours trip in conjuction with the Tour Down Under. Once again I will be a spectator of a sport I love. I will be with my amazing husband and I know I will once again enjoy great food, company and scenery. I hopefully will watch and meet some amazing cyclists and if anyone could arrange a meeting with Cadel Evans I would be very grateful. 

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