Week Twenty Five Tuesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for Sophia. She and I walked this morning for 6km along the Brisbane River. We then had breakfast. Yesterday we spent the day Christmas shopping. It has very special to be able to do this and share coffee and conversation. 

Today I am grateful that I live in Brisbane. I have been lots of places in the world and I still believe Brisbane has a beautiful climate, a beautiful river running though the centre of it, lovely coffee shops and restaurants and great people. 

Today I am grateful that I have a great community. I met with a small group of women last night because we are worried about someone that is part of our community. We talked about how to support this very special lady. I am proud to be part of a community that is prepared to work together to support someone who is struggling and I hope that we can make a difference in some small way. 

Today I am grateful for the Christmas season. The last week has been so busy catching up with friends, going to concerts and enjoying the silly season. 

Today I am grateful that I am walking, doing windtrainers, exercising in the pool and doing all my Physio exercises. I feel stronger, I am moving better and I have more energy each day. 


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