Week Nineteen Tuesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for being alive and for how far I have come since the accident. I write a grateful list everyday and have done for quite a few years. When I had my accident and damaged my left arm I couldn’t record my grateful list in my journal so I have recorded my grateful list as a blog post everyday.  I have tried to be very honest but what I am really doing is practicing to be happy. It is unrealistic  for anyone to think they can be happy all the time. 

I like these two quotes and think they are both appropriate to life:

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”(Hamlet) and 

“Tragedy in inevitable, misery is not”(Unknown).

I believe writing a grateful list makes me not only appreciate the wonderful things in my day but forces me to reframe the not so wonderful things and practice definetly makes that an easier concept to master.  

 I wrote a few days ago about what I was not grateful about in relation to my accident. Yesterday I wrote that even though I had stuff that wasn’t going quite to plan I could still be grateful. When I read that post back I actually thought I sounded miserable and ungrateful. So today I am going to reflect about how far I have come in the last four months. I am going to reframe those thoughts from yesterday and actually document just how far I have come since June 7th. As well as practicing gratitude I also try very hard to practise living in the moment. This process of reviewing how far I have come although looking back at the past hopefully will help me to appreciate this present moment more fully and allow me to be a bit more gentle towards myself because I recognize that I have actually come a long way. 

So ……

I am able to walk 6km non stop. I started walking in hospital but back then could only manage a few laps of the ward. 

I know I want to cycle again. 

I am eating a normal diet and loving it! Food tastes so good and I love eating nutritious whole fresh food. When the accident first happened I was nauseous and didn’t enjoy eating at all.

I have no bandages, slings or stitches. All my physical wounds have healed.

My scars are very neat and will eventually be just two fine lines. 

I can kneel on the floor. After the accident I had a very sore knee and I couldn’t kneel.

I am driving.

I can iron, put the washing on, sweep, unload and reload the dishwasher and clean up my home. 

I can shower and dress myself.

I can read a book.

I have become a better blogger. 

I have become quite adept at using different applications on my iPad. 

I have very little abdominal pain and my rib pain is much much better. My arm fracture is stable, plated and healing.

I can fly in a plane. 

I can sit comfortably for quite a while. 

I can tie my own shoelaces.

I am stable enough on my feet to wear and walk in high heeled shoes. 

I don’t sleep all day. I only have a small rest in the afternoon.

I can write a little with my left hand.

I can wash my hair with both hands. 

I am planning, shopping for and generally preparing our meals.

I can get in and out of our spa and enjoy the warm water.

I am back to my normal weight.

I have gone from just healing to now putting energy into rehabilitation and recovery. 

I look and feel better. 

So when I review how far I have come it is a long way!  

And my final thought for today is thanks to a man named Paul Boynton – 


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