Week Sixteen Friday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for the pretty colour my nails are painted. I normally have my nails painted a dark colour such as black. Yesterday I chose pink bikini – I love looking down at such a happy colour.

 Today I am grateful that this morning I put on my lipstick and did my teeth using my left hand. I got such a shock because I had started doing these things before I realized I was using my left hand. It was very uncomfortable but I started doing them automatically which is exciting.

Today I am grateful I got home safely from my morning appointment. I still get very tired but don’t realize how tired I am until I do something dumb. I was going to visit a friend in hospital this afternoon but decided I should go home after my phone incident. I thought I had lost my phone – I couldn’t find it anywhere so retraced my steps of the morning. The lovely shopkeeper offered to ring it in case I had put it down somewhere. Guess what – it was in my handbag. I was very embarrassed but it reminded me  instead of pushing myself to do normal things I needed to get home and have a rest. 

Today I am grateful that I slept so soundly last night. I went to see my beautiful friend Sharon Callaghan who is a Bowen Therapist. I had my first Bowen since the accident. I did not expect any difference in how I felt but I was very surprised to manage a very good nights sleep.

Today I am very grateful that I had an appointment with my psychologist. I am a very interested in staying healthy physically and mentally and thought it was time to have a professional check in on my mental health. I am grateful I am doing ok but I need to go back to see him again in a few weeks just to make sure. 


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