Week Fifteen Sunday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that I have been too busy in the last few days to write a grateful list. 

Today I am grateful to have spent a wonderful weekend in Melbourne with David. It has always been a dream of David’s to go to the AFL Grandfinal. We have learnt that opportunities are to be seized and dreams acted upon as life may be cut short before you have a chance to realize dreams. I am grateful I was able to share this dream with David. 




Today I am grateful for the famous people we spied in Melbourne. We walked past Sandy Roberts at the end of the AFL. His wife was the most stylishly dressed woman I saw all day. I walked past Carl Stefonovich in the foyer of the Crown in daggy shorts and thongs. Most exciting  of all I almost bumped into Julie Bishop and Kerry Stokes coming out of the lift in our hotel(I wasn’t quick enough to ask for a photograph).  
Today I am grateful that we watched the Australia vs England World Cup game this morning. I am grateful that it was such an exciting game of rugby and I am grateful that the Aussies won. I gave up watching the Aussies play rugby when it was more exciting watching Nick play school boy rugby than it was watching our national team. I think I will have to upgrade our FOXTEL subscription so we can watch the remaining World Cup games. 

Today I am grateful to be going home to my special family.  


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