Week Thirteen Sunday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that I am sitting on a plane flying to Sydney!!! We had organized this trip before I had my accident and I was unsure whether I would actually be well enough to travel. But I am . 

Today I am grateful that strangely I am not as nervous flying as I normally am. Maybe the events of the last few months have emphasized how little we are in control over our own destiny and what will be will be. 

Today I am grateful for my beautiful girlfriends Kerryn, Michelle and Leigh. We are all going to Sydney together. They are looking after me so beautifully – I haven’t even had to carry my own luggage. 

Today I am grateful that I didn’t beep going through security. I have a plate in my arm and I thought it might make me beep but it didn’t. 

Today I am grateful for being alive. Being alive is awesome. 


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