Sunday’s Grateful list 

Today I am starting a list of what I am grateful for. This is not a new thing. I journal everyday and the first thing I do every morning after I ride is write down what I am grateful for. I am not riding at the moment and because of the accident I have a broken left ulna. I am left handed so it is very difficult to write anything. I am not at this stage going to teach myself to be right handed! So instead of writing in my journal I am going to blog what I am grateful about. You can all choose to read it or not but I think it will be a very useful thing for me to do in my recovery! 

I am grateful for being alive. 

I am grateful for all the amazing staff at the Royal Brisbane Hospital who have saved my life.

I am grateful that my husband David was on the ride on Sunday ( which is very unusual) and came in the ambulance with me. I love him so so much. 

I am grateful for Deb Aitcheson,  Dave Shelberg, Marcel Bengston and all my other riding buddies for the amazing support and encouragement on the ride. Deb, Dave and Marcel thank you for holding my hand, back, head and whatever else you did on that mountain that day. 

I am grateful and amazed I climbed Nebo and Glorious that day on my bike . I think I am amazing for doing so. 

I am grateful for my Dad. He met us at the hospital and organized and liaised with everyone in the most professional manner. I believe the staff would have performed an amazing job regardless of Dad but Dad was amazing too! 

I am grateful for my beautiful Mum. She has been like a fairy godfather going into our home making beds, doing washing etc and all without telling anyone. David comes home to a beautiful perfect house. She is just special. 

I am grateful for all the love and support that I have received from everyone. I cannot elaborate on this as I am now crying. 

That is enough for today. I will do some more tomorrow. 

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  1. Karen and Merv says:

    Jen we are grateful for a friend like you. You are in our thoughts constantly and we wish you a full and speedy recovery. You are a wonderful kind and gentle person and clearly loved by many. Your blog brought a tear to our eyes as we know how fortunate we are that you are still with us. Xxxxxxx

  2. Suellen Knight says:

    I’m on days off till Wednesday late, but if you need me give a yell. If you need to bounce things off if you become a bit down I’m you girl or I’ll send Joy hehe. Cause I’m not as close to you as others that might smother and because you’re too popular we haven’t caught up yet apart from sharing our tattoos lol
    Hugs and kisses

  3. Scott says:

    You are awesome Jenn!

  4. Jen C says:

    Jen. I’m so grateful to have met you and our lives have crossed in so many ways! You have been an inspiration to me – encouraging me to love riding in a way I never thought possible. Thank you. Hang in there on your road to recovery – the bad days will make the good days better. I’m a good walker – happy to be a walking buddy instead of a riding buddy when you’re up for it. Jen C

  5. Domenica says:

    Thank you for sharing darling girl.
    During your recovery it will be the smallest things you are grateful for, and these things we can only admire you for.
    We are grateful you are alive, I am grateful you had all your good mates to care for you, I look forward to reading your inspiring blog and I look forward to sharing a champagne with you at palmy soon, Keep strong and keep smiling xx

    • admin says:

      Oh I so need a champagne at Palmy with you and Craig and your puppy! I have a long road ahead and maybe a game of golf would be nice too. Love to you all.

  6. Hi Jen

    You are an amazing lady and we are so blessed to share our riding adventures with you. Your blog is deeply moving, a window into your soul so thanks for sharing that too. I remember with awe the final lunch in Adelaide where you sang your heart out in front of your riding mates.

    Get well from us all.

    Lots of love

    Mark and Theresa

  7. Shez says:

    WOW……Jen what a Good Idea ……. You are an amazing POSITIVE PERSON and the idea of a Your Daily Grateful Journal now typed (*) as a Blog can ONLY ADD to the KHARMA of your RECOVERY.
    (*) # L Ulna aside!)

    🙁 … Yesterday not such a good day…and hope today has dawned with a Better Feeling… 🙂
    As I said to David … ‘Poli Poli ‘..slowly does it…and hope each day STARTS with a little more STRENGTH.
    Jen would love to visit you when CONVENIENT to you . Please ask David to sms me when would be a good time. (I have Sailability Graceville on Tuesdays..otherwise all days good. )

    Shez (and Ross)
    PS: I tried to do a Word Press Blog on our recent trip…..and FAILED. !! When you are up and completely fit…..I would love some Word Press Blog tuition…?

  8. Chris Shallish says:

    What wonderful person you are Jen. Your inner spirit will guide you always and to share your daily stories and feelings your a one in a million. The simple things in life we all take for granted, these are often over looked. It will be refreshing to read your blog and remind us all of these gifts we all have become to expect and take for granted. The simple things in life like the breathing fresh air, a smile and a giggle, to see listen to a bird sing and to pat your pet – you are blessed to have all these things. Your inner strength and determination is shining at present Jen, you rock Mrs Tucker!

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