A Passionate response to being uncomfortable

This post is about being uncomfortable.

I choose to have goals and I choose to do things that make me uncomfortable. I also choose to live a happy and content life.

Today I am struggling with how uncomfortable I want to be and what goals do I really want to achieve.

I think I work hard at achieving my goals. I don’t work as hard as some people but I work harder than lots. I do get to a certain level and then I decide I can’t work any harder. I have a personal trainer for weight training and I have a personal trainer for cycling. I want to get stronger, I want to get faster, I want to climb hills better, I want to do events and get a better time each time I attempt something. I also want to be a good person, a happy Mum and wife, and a person who has enough energy to keep an organized home and prepare and cook healthy meals for my family.

I expect to be uncomfortable when I train. I expect to be pushed. If I didn’t I wouldn’t pay to have trainers. I also exercise to enjoy life, to live longer and when I do group rides on my bike I want to enjoy the company of the people I ride with and I want to be safe.

When I was at school I didn’t feel confident enough to participate in much sport competitively. I did music instead. Now I am 45 I don’t care what other people think. I want to be healthy, strong, a good example to my children and I want to have fun exercising. I do have a part of me that wishes that I had been really good at sport at school and I do have a part of me that would like to be really good at sport now. It is this little part of me that drives my desire to not just exercise for the sake of exercising but exercising to be part of an event and push myself each time I enter into an event.

I want to enjoy exercise but I also want to push myself to do things that I never thought I could do. I will continue to make goals beyond what I think is possible in my head and I will do this in a way that keeps my family life balanced and my riding safe. I will choose to be trained by people that I respect and who’s lifestyle and training methods I admire. I will train with people who make me laugh and share my desire to be safe and have fun. I will exercise some days just for fun. Other days I am happy to be very uncomfortable if it means I will be fitter, faster and stronger.


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