Friday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for our last few days in New York. This post is a few days late because my blog was offline but today I think it is working again. 

On Thursday the girls decided the day was to be a wandering day in Soho with nothing particular planned. David was very happy to come along. We had a lovely day. 

SoHo is an area that has beautiful shops with beautiful fit outs. 

We did start the day by visiting the New York City Library – a beautiful building with a beautiful Christmas tree in the foyer. It was well worth the visit. The bookshop in the library was filled with incredible books and it made me feel hopeful that reading proper books is still revered and that the possibility of being able to read and purchase books will continue on long into the future. 

The streets are cobbled and it is a little bit similar to the Marais area in France. We had lunch at a tapas bar called Boqueria. It was delicious and warm! it was very cold in New York yesterday. 

Our day finished off with a Broadway show – Wicked. It was absolutely wonderful. One of my favourite show tunes is For Good. 

We got back to our room after the show and were tucked up in our pjs when it started to snow! We woke up to a dusting of snow all over New York. 

We are now sitting at the airport waiting to board our flight to Vancouver. 

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Wednesday’s Grateful List. 

Today I am grateful that you are taking the time to read my blog. 

I do get embarrassed about all the traveling that I do and I really appreciate the time that you take to look at what I am writing. I feel very blessed to be alive and physically fit enough to travel and I hope that by sharing my travels you are able to share a small amount of my enjoyment. 

Yesterday in New York was pretty wet. We had planned a day of galleries. Breakfast for me is the most important meal of the day so I like to take some time to consider where to go. We went to a place called Sarabeth’s. It was lovely – white tablecloths, lovely service and delicious food. Our visit to the galleries started after this  at the Frick Museum. We had been there before and although the art is the same as last time  I visited the building is so beautiful it was worth another visit. From there we went to the Met. The Met  is the Metropolitan Museum of Art and it is huge. All the information on travel sites suggest that it is too big to do  all on one day. We chose to look at The Maxwell Beckman exhibition and the European Masters. Both were amazing. The European Masters included Renoir, Degas, Monet, Manet, Van Gough and Cezanne.  My favourite artist of that group is definitely Renoir. After absorbing all this art we were hungry again! The most sensible solution was afternoon tea at The Plaza

After such a delicious sojourn the only thing to do was to have a little afternoon nap. This gave us enough energy to stay awake watching a Broadway show.

 The show we went to was called The Front Page. It has had very mixed reviews but we loved it and stayed awake! It was light hearted, funny and had lots of famous people in it! 

Today we woke up to a beautiful day. We were thrilled because we had planned to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. We caught a cab to Brooklyn and started the day  at  the Brooklyn Roasting Company. We  had  great coffee in a very groovy warehouse. After our coffee we wandered up to Dumbo Kitchen. Once again we started our day on a great note. Once we had food in our tummies we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Our afternoon was spent at the Interpid Air and Space Museum.  Although this was not a place I was very enthusiastic about going to I actually really enjoyed it. We looked through a submarine, learnt about and looked at the Space Shuttle Enterprise and toured an aircraft carrier called Intrepid. 

We tried to go up the Empire State Building in the late afternoon. The wait was 3 and 1/2 hours. We decided to go out to dinner instead….now off to dinner.

Until next time 

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Monday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for a fantastic day. 

We started at breakfast at a place called Maison Kayser. It is a French chain but we had  a very nutritious breakfast that was was served quickly and efficiently. I was also impressed they served a delicious Chai Latte made on proper Chai Tea. 

After breakfast we ventured down to Chelsea and walked the High Line. This is a 2.33km long New York park on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad. The view of The Hudson is wonderful, the architecture and art work along the route is very interesting and the green space contrasted to the surrounding construction is a great use of previously unuseable space. 

Once we finished walking the High Line we were cold and a little bit wet. We found the Chelsea markets and warmed up with a delicious coffee from Ninth Street Expresso. I am so glad that we have found great coffee places in New York this visit. I had read that the Australian Coffee culture was finally reaching New York – I must agree.


I am grateful we then snuck in a few hours of shopping. The shops we visited were down on the edge of the Meat Packing district and Chelsea. They were beautiful and unusual fashion shops. Shops I am happy to look in and admire. 

We ventured back to the Chelsea Markets to  Giovanni Rana Pastificio and Cucina for lunch. We had a wonderful meal of traditional pasta. This stoked us up and we had enough energy to visit the Whitney Museum in the afternoon. Wow – what an amazing museum. The top two floors were incredible. 

The museum includes many portraits. I loved the following information which explains the theme of these portraits:

My two favourite pieces of art were a wax figurine : 

With the following explaination:

And a series of photolithography on pine poles:

With the following explaination:

I love that art has the ability to challenge my existing thinking and I know the experiences that we are offering our children also encourage them to look more critically at their own world. 

I am grateful that I finished the day by getting my last assignment mark back and I got a distinction! 

Today was just a great day.

Until next time

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My New Year’s Grateful Post 

Today I am grateful for our last few days in New York. 

I am always so grateful to the pilots and air hostesses when we travel. It is such a relief to arrive at our destination safely.

We didn’t get in until late Friday night, unpacked, had room service toasties and went to bed.

We are staying in a beautiful hotel. The foyer has a beautiful Christmas tree which is made of fresh roses. 

On Saturday we got up had breakkie and then went and explored. We looked at all the shop windows of Saks, Bergdoff Goodman and Lord and Taylor. The Tiffany building and the Cartier building also had beautiful light displays mirroring their inside wares. 

We braved Times Square before the 1000s of people who spent hours there later that evening. 

We had a delicious meal in our hotel in the evening and the girls watched the  Ball Drop in Times Square on tv! 

Today we had a great day. We visited Harlem and did something I have always wanted to do – listened to a Gospel Choir. In the evening we went to Radio City and watched the Rockettes Christmas Show. 

I am so grateful to David for giving us these incredible experiences. 

I wish you all A Happy New Year wherever you are and I hope that 2017 brings you much happiness with friends and family you love. 

Until next time

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My Wish for You on Christmas Day. 

Today I wish to extend my love to you. 

Today I hope you have food in your tummy and a roof over your head.

Today I hope you are sharing your day with friends and family that you love. 

Today I hope that the people you are with today are all kind to each other and respect and love each other. 

Today I hope that if you have lost someone and feel sad that they are not here to share your day that you are able to remember them with joy and love. 

Today I hope that if your day is not exactly the way you had planned it that you are able to accept the moment and know tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to change things for the better. 

Today I hope if you are sick or in pain that you are able to be comfortable for some moments during the day. 

Today I hope that if you are sharing the day with someone who cannot remember what today is about that you are able to enjoy some small ritual that gives you joy. For example holding hands or singing a carol together. 

Today I hope that you are safe. 

Today I hope if you are alone or lonely that you have some beautiful music to listen to or you are able to do something during the day that makes you happy. 

Today I hope that if you do not celebrate Christmas that whatever you are doing is joyful and full of love. 

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Christmas Eve’s Grateful Post 

Today I am grateful for all the special people in my life. I want to thank you all for the love and support you have all shown me in 2016 and I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas or just plain love for the festive season.

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Thursday’s Grateful Post 

Today I am grateful for just one thing. My chookies laid eggs!!!!!!!!

And I ate them for breakfast. 

Until next time 

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Wednesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for lots of things.

Today I am grateful Mum and Dad have moved into their new home. It is so beautiful and I hope they are very happy there.

Mum and Dad’s new view

Today I am grateful that yesterday morning I did yoga for the first time in 18months. I did it with a beautiful friend at Palm Beach. The yoga teacher was amazing, the spot incredible and I could actually manage many of the poses. 

Today I am grateful that David and I went to lunch with my son Nicholas and his girlfriend yesterday. We went to Rick Shores for lunch. The company was wonderful, the food delicious and the spot very special.

Photo from the Courier Mail

Today I am grateful that Sophia and I played Upwords last night. It is a different word game similar to Scrabble. She was very good at it. 

Today I am grateful that the girls have had friends to stay at the beach. We have had a constant stream of visitors. They have all been lovely girls.

Today I am grateful that David is relaxed and enjoying our beach holiday too.  

What is special about your Christmas holidays? 

Until next time

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Tuesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that Christmas holidays has finally arrived for me.

Today I am grateful I have finished uni for the year.

Today I am grateful that our Christmas tree is up at home and at the beach.

Today I am grateful I have all my family in the one place for a little while. 

Today I am grateful that last night we all played scrabble – it is my favourite game of all time! 

Today I am grateful the Christmas shopping is done and presents wrapped. 

Today I am grateful the gingerbread house is made…….and nearly eaten. 

Until next time 

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