My Inspiration List

Set up a retreat for making life better for people. The retreat would include palliative care support, grief counseling, and support for ways to improve your life. This would be done through yoga, meditation, dietary advise, exercise programs, grief support groups, palliative care, respite for carers and individual counseling.

Do an Olympic distance triathlon.
Ride 500km over 5 days.✅
Run 10km in under an hour.
Learn to Row.✅
Do an event with all my children.✅

Live in Italy for 8 months
Do an African Safari
Walk Cradle Mountain
Fly over Antartica

Adrenaline Rushes:
Go Hanggliding ✅
Do a race car driving course.

Be in a flash mob
Sing in a competition.✅
Sing at a party at home. ✅
Sell a painting.
Win a prize for photography. ✅
Learn to meditate.✅

Finish my Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling.
Have some role in government either as a local counsellor or as an advisor for health or education.

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  1. Soul Gifts says:

    That’s an awesome list – good luck with it all 🙂

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