Wednesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for all the amazing music I have listened to this week and all the parts of Brisbane that I have seen for the first time. 

Today I am grateful for going to Westend to Broadway in the Brisbane Reservoir on Friday night. It was put on by the Underground Opera Company. The Reservoir is under the Tower Mill in Brisbane. The music was fun and the setting quite unique. 

Today I am grateful for enjoying a beautiful meal on Saturday night with our friends Kylie and Lionel. The company was fantastic, the food delicious and the spot perfect. We had an early dinner at The Stokehouse. I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy the Brisbane River with such treasured friends. 

Today I am grateful to have been to American Idiot at the Playhouse. It is a musical that includes all the music from Green Day’s American Idiot album. It was just like going to traditional opera with love, hate, despair and tragedy and rock music. 

Today I am grateful for having a ride on The Brisbane Eye after the show. I have lived in Brisbane all my life and I have never been on it. I can highly recommend it. Not only is the view of the river amazing but the information provided very interesting too. 

Photograph courtesy of Norma Martiri Photography. 

Today I am grateful that David and I finished our weekend with a beautiful meal at The Charming Squire. 
I love going to New York but I felt like my weekend in Brisbane was very similar to a few days in New York and I was in my home town! 

What places can you visit in your home town that you didn’t know existed or haven’t ever considered visiting? 

Until next time 

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  1. Remember Me says:

    You have reminded me that we haven’t even walked onn the beach lately Jen. Something to put on my Bucket List for today as some seaweed collection wouldn’t go amiss – to add to my home made compost.

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