Friday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for change. Today I am grateful that nothing ever stays the same. 

I have a beautiful friend today who is off to see lots of doctors in regard to her Lyme disease. She is fighting to have the best treatment, the best medicine and the most workable options. I urge her to keep fighting for the treatment path that is meaningful for her. She knows how she wants that to look. It is possible for miracles and magic. 

As you all know I had a hip arthroscopy this week. Things have changed over the last few days. I have less pain than Monday and Tuesday. I don’t feel as foggy from the anaesthetic today. I know in the coming weeks my hip will heal and hopefully there will be a change in the amount of movement I have. This will mean there will be a change in the amount of exercise I can do. Yeh!

Our planet is changing. Yes we have climate change but that means there are many more people thinking about and experimenting with renewable energy. 

Today I am grateful for the changing seasons. A few weeks ago we had trees in our garden that had no leaves. This week we have trees that are totally green and rose bushes covered in roses. I think our seasons are another example of how life goes on, things renew and grow and change all the time. 

Our tree in Winter

Our tree today.

Today I am grateful for change that comes when bad things happen. I watched an amazing video on Facebook this morning about breast cancer. This video is raising awareness about breast cancer and wouldn’t be happening if Chrissy Amphlett from the Divinyls had not died 3 years ago from breast cancer.

If she had not been taken from us too early by breast cancer 3 years ago, Christine Joy “Chrissy” Amphlett would have celebrated her 57th birthday on the 25th of this month.Chrissy was an iconic Australian singer, songwriter and actress who was the frontwoman of the Australian rock band Divinyls, with hits that included “The good die young”.Chrissy’s dying wish was that her song “I touch myself” become an anthem for breast cancer awareness. Here is this anthem:

Today I encourage you to understand that the world is a mystery that changes all the time. You change constantly. Our lives change constantly. I will continue to work towards a better life, a better planet , a better me. 

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  1. What a beautiful poignant tribute. Loved it.

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