Friday in Vienna 

Our journey to Vienna started fairly slowly. We had taxied out of the terminal in Bangkok and had to turn around.   There had been some sort of medical emergency on the plane. The air hosties were running calmly up and down past me and had to direct the pilot to turn around. A passenger was taken off the plane in a wheelchair – he was not very well but he thankfully was alive. I am so grateful for the gentleman that the plane was not in the air when her got sick or the outcome may have been quite different. It did make me stop and reflect about the  important job hostesses have on the plane. They deal with crisis like this one, they care for us on the plane, they see many people after a disturbed nights sleep, they see many people anxious about arriving safely to their destination, they deal with children, the elderly, sometimes drunkeness and sometimes illness. I take my hat off to them and I am grateful for the wonderful job they do. 

We eventually arrived safely in Vienna with no further problems as far as I was aware. We are staying in the beautiful Sacher Hotel  in Vienna the original home of the Sacher Torte. We arrived into Vienna about 6am so couldn’t check into our hotel. We spent the day getting our bearings and wandering around the city. It was a great day. We finished the day with a Vienna Boys Choir concert and a traditional Viennese meal of Weiner Scnitzel and potatoes. Lucy managed to fit in a Sacher Torte for afternoon tea and the rest of us had traditional strudel. 

Some of the sites we saw during our day

One of the sites we saw was an art installation inside St Stephens Cathedral. It was an instillation of lace all joined together. I loved it and the sentiment it was trying to convey. I am a very firm believer in all the things that the installation stands for. 

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  1. Remember Me says:

    We are not able to holiday at the moment so sharing yours is lovely. Many thanks Jen for those great photos.

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