Week Forty Six Monday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that last Wednesday I had my first ride on the road since my accident. 

I think it is useful for me to review the last Forty Six Weeks.

On June 10th , 2015 I fell off my bicycle and sustained numerous injuries. You can read about that day if you do not know about it here : http://www.jennifertucker.me/2015/07/02/not-a-grateful-post-thought-i-would-put-down-the-way-i-saw-june-7th-the-day-of-the-accident/

I spent a night in intensive care and then two weeks in hospital recovering.

I spent the next three months being looked after totally by my family and much help was given to us as a family by our friends and family.

A week after being discharged from hospital I had to be readmitted to The Royal Brisbane Hospital with vomiting as my gut wasn’t working properly because it had been bruised so badly in the accident. I spent about three days in hospital this visit.

On Tuesday 1st September I had to go back in to hospital overnight as the fracture in my arm had not healed from the accident and I had a plate inserted. I required a general anaethetic and spent a night in hospital. It was quite a painful operation and took another few months to recover from. 

On Wednesday 25th November I had a large mole removed from my back that was precancerous. This was not major but it did mean I could not exercise for approximately 6 weeks as the incision was in a difficult spot on my lower back. 

On Tuesday 8th March this year I had another general following a mammogram that picked up unusual cells. Again this was not a big operation but I had to take things quietly for a couple of weeks after. 

So today I am grateful that after all this time I have finally done a ride on the road. I went with two of my lovely cycling friends and did 1/2 a river loop. The girls devised a very gentle route with no hills. I felt very safe and I loved it. 

Alex, Jottie and I doing my first 1/2 River Loop

I am also grateful that I have completed a learn to row course. This has been on my bucket list for a few years. 

The girls I learnt to row with


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  1. Remember Me says:

    Well done you have accomplished so much in the face of adversity.

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