Week Forty Four Saturday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for exercise. 

Today I am grateful for learning how to row. I am up to week four. The first few weeks was like doing my beginners cycling course all over again. I felt silly. I was nervous. Everything was hard and new. I kept thinking this is not fair why am I doing something new and hard again. This week was a lot more positive. I was much more relaxed. The crew I am rowing with all rowed together this morning for the first time ( I mean we all used our oars at the same time) and it is starting to feel a little less scary. 

Commercial Rowing Shed

Today I am grateful that I am slowly getting back on my bike. I am only riding once per week on a track at present. I am grateful I have a very pretty bike and I am up to riding 20km at a time. I am grateful that David came out to Nundah with me the first time I rode on my new bike. This week I went out on my own and felt good. 

My beautiful new Specialised Ruby.

Riding my bicycle!

Today I am grateful for the work I am doing with my lovely personal trainer Tom Mcphail. He is slowly upping my weights at the gym and on Thursday I did 20 push ups from my knees. When I started back at the gym I couldn’t even do one push up!

After a gym workout – I worked hard.

Today I am grateful that I am still walking and loving it. Last Sunday I did my biggest walk yet- 12km along the river at dawn. We are so lucky here in Brisbane to have such a beautiful place to walk. I finished my walk with a coffee on the Goodwill Bridge and then went back to Milton on a city cat.

Brisbane River at Sunrise

Walking with my beautiful cycling buddies

Today I am grateful that I am continuing to do Pilates and my core is getting stronger all the time. 

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Great post Jennifer: you are an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

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