Week Forty Friday’s Grateful List. 

Today I am grateful that David went and did the groceries last night for the weekend and I didn’t have to deal with Easter supermarket craziness.
Today I am grateful I caught up with my friend Nicci yesterday. She is not very well at the moment but when I saw her yesterday she looked beautiful.
Today I am grateful I have all my children with me over Easter. They are getting older and all are starting to have their own lives that don’t always include us. I am thrilled that we will be sharing Easter with them all.

Today I am grateful that a friends daughter is safe. She was in Brussels airport at the time of the attacks a few days ago. All the choices she made that day meant she was not involved in the attacks. She caught a taxi to the airport instead of a train and she didn’t have coffee at Starbucks instead went through security. Her experience again highlights to me the random nature of our lives and how lucky each day we are to be alive.
Today I am grateful to be surrounded by friends and family. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so much love and friendship. 
I wish anyone reading this today a wonderful safe Easter and I wish you all love . 


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