Week Thirty Five Monday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for fun memories. 

Yesterday I caught up with a beautiful group of my old friends from my nursing days. I trained at the Royal Brisbane Hospital in the days when nurses were trained in a hospital setting and not a university. We trained as a group over three years. We had such fun together. I think the things we saw and what we had to deal with resulted in knowing how to have serious fun when we got together. Back then there was no such thing as visiting a psychologist or having counseling. I think many of us experienced life in a pretty confronting way. I remember my first day ever working in a ward I saw a man die – I was not even eighteen. We didn’t get together to talk about the terrible things that we saw ( we may have talked a lot about the terrible way we were treated by the older registered nurses) – we got together to have fun. 


Graduating in 1988

I am grateful for the wonderful women I met during my training years. 


Some of our nursing group together during lectures.


Lecture time again.

I am grateful for the fantastic times we had while we were nursing.


Getting wrecked on Great Keppel.


Fun times doing the Royal Review – this particular year the name of the Review was Batdoc.


I am grateful that I am still friends with quite a few of those women 30 years later. 

I am grateful that I caught up with some of those women yesterday.


How we look in 2016.

I am grateful for new memories that I am making with those women now and I am so grateful that some of these women are still nursing. Anyone who is looked after by them will be cared for in a very special way. 

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Lovely post. Did the class of 2016 get wrecked?

  2. What wonderful memories and good friends! Great post.

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