Week Thirty Wednesday’s Grateful List.

Today I am grateful for all things related to the Tour Down Under. ( for those readers who do know what that is – it is a week long bike race in and around Adelaide, Australia – you can read more about it here : Tour Down Under). 

I am an avid cyclist and last year David and I came down and did a tour with MB Cycling and it was wonderful. Watching the cycling was sensational and the cycling was sensational. I cycled nearly 600km in the week, managed some big hills and loved it.

Me on top of Checkers Hill in 2015 after riding up it! 


David and I decided we would be back in 2016 to do  the same thing. On 10th June however I had my accident. David and I decided to still come down to the Tour – I am a spectator and David is riding. This year we are traveling with Bikestyle Tours. It is really hard for me watching everyone pedaling up the hills and not participating but I am grateful for many things. 

Today I am grateful that Bikestyle Tours caters for non cyclists. There is a lovely group of five ladies who are not cycling. 

  We are traveling to various parts of the race in a comfortable van and have a lovely lady called Grace looking after us. The scenery is beautiful and I am enjoying visiting all the little towns in the Adelaide Hills. 

Today I am grateful that we are staying in the Hilton Hotel. The Hilton is race headquarters and many of the riders and commentators  are staying in the same hotel. Every time I get in the lift I see some famous cyclist or some famous commentator. I am still not brave enough to ask to have my photo with any of them. Cadel Evan is here. Phil Legget is here. Many many other cyclists are here. 

Today I am grateful that Adelaide is such a beautiful city with so many wonderful restaurants. Last night we ate at The Playford Restaurant on North Terrace and it was delicious. The first night we ate at The Stag Hotel and it too was fabulous. 

Today I am grateful that I have a wonderful view of the TDU village from our room and can also see the Adelaide Hills. 

Today I am grateful that this year I can enjoy the food and wine and am not worried about how much sleep I am getting. Last year I was so worried about not being able to do the rides, not keep up etc etc I was extremely careful about what I ate, did not drink any alcohol until we had finished our trip and went to bed early. I do not have any of those worries this year and can enjoy all the delicious food and wine that Adelaide has to offer. 

Even though I am missing riding terribly it is pretty hot down here and I am very grateful that I have a lovely cool air conditioned van to travel in. 


Today I am grateful to be able to watch and enjoy so much wonderful cycling and get up close and personal with the riders. 

Photograph courtesy of www.cyclingweekly.co.uk


And finally I am grateful that I have so many wonderful bikes to look at and I am starting to think about my new bike. 

Here is one I fell in love with yesterday .

And I think I need this tag! ……


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    Today I’m still so grateful that I follow your blog: you are an inspirartion!

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