Week Twenty Six  Sunday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for change. Over the last six months I have been healing and therefore I have participated in my life fully but I have been unable to do all the normal things that generally make up my life. I have had moments where I feel incredible sadness because the people I love spending time with are different and the things I love doing are now different. I actually cry a lot because I have watched the changes but have not really been part of the changes. This morning I am going to be grateful for these things and I hope the people I am talking about do not mind that I have included them in my blog this morning. I wish them so much happiness.

Today I am grateful that Marcel Bengston from MB Cycles is back on the road cycling. Marcel is a Brisbane icon in the cycling community. When I started riding and did a Beginners course  with Marcel he was the most incredible rider, coach and mentor. Over the last few years Marcel has not been riding much. Since my accident he decided it was time to get back on his bike. I have watched him over the last six months and he has ridden consistently, lost weight and got his riding mojo back. I am so grateful that this has happened and I look forward to riding with Marcel and I wish him all the success for his next beginners course in February.

Today I am grateful that my friend Deb Aitcheson is happy. Deb is my friend and was often the riding captain when I cycled. Deb is riding with a different group of people now, she looks amazing and I don’t think I have ever seen her happier. I hope this continues and I am looking forward to our continuing friendship.

Today I am grateful that my friend Melinda Chandler is starting to post some happy posts. Melinda lost her husband two years ago and her world has been pretty dark the last few years. I think some happy times are starting to creep in. I am grateful that she is starting to be able to appreciate these happy times and I wish her and her children many more happy times in the future.

Today I am grateful that my sister Susan is ok. She has been so encouraging and supportive in the last few months. She has had huge changes in her life – she and her husband have split up, they sold their house and Susan has moved into a new house with her little girls. I know it has been hard for her and I am sad that I have been unable to help her in any way. I know her new house is gorgeous, she loves and is really good at her job and she is starting to look happier. I am grateful for this and I hope that next year is happy and healthy for her.

Today I am grateful that when I am ready to go back to study I think I will make a better counsellor. I have not had the cognitive function to write assignments and read lecture material in the last few months. I was supposed to be finished my Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling this month. It is really hard watching all my fellow students finishing assignments and some of them have graduated. I hope the journey I have experienced this year will allow me to a better counsellor.

I hope this journey makes me a better listener with less replies.

Today I am grateful for the changes that have happened in my marriage. I know it has been a difficult year for David juggling a sick wife, a busy law practice, many many cycling hours and three beautiful children. I am sad I haven’t been a very able participant in our life this year but I am grateful for the care he has taken of me and the children. I feel our life has been more balanced and slower and I hope that this continues into the future.

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2 Responses to Week Twenty Six  Sunday’s Grateful List 

  1. Marcel Bengtson says:

    Jen, I am touched by your words and I am very happy you are getting stronger every day. I look forward to you and I riding together at some stage and I know all your friends at MB Coaching would like that too. Merry Christmas to you, David and family.

    • admin says:

      I look forward to riding together in the New Year. I will be on the bike once the kids go back to school. Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas. Keep up the great work! All my love Jen xxx

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