Week Twenty Six Wednesday’s Grateful List 


Today I am grateful for all the people who do jobs to that make all our lives more pleasant. 

I am grateful for lifesavers who make our beaches safer.

I am grateful for the man I saw this morning who was cleaning the rubbish bins along the beachfront. He makes it more pleasant for anyone using those rubbish bins.

Today I am grateful for those people who look after our public spaces like the men I saw working on the paths of the national park this morning. 

Today I am grateful for those people who volunteer in galleries to guide art exhibitions. People like my Mum and my friend Victoria Lenton who learn about the artists and then impart their knowledge on tours at GOMA and QAG. 

Today I am grateful for all the volunteers who work in hospitals. People like the Clown Doctors who visit sick children and make their stay in hospital more pleasant. People like the volunteers who come and tidy flowers while you are in hospital so the flowers last longer. 


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