Week Nineteen Friday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for my beautiful hairdresser Lisa from Purple Daze. Not only is she a great hairdresser but she is also a beautiful girl. I was at the hairdresser yesterday and when she asked me how I was I burst into tears. I felt very silly but she gave me a hug and did my hair and chatted. By the end of my appointment I was smiling ,felt good, had listened to all the chatter in the hairdresser about Melbourne Cup ( I was considering not going to the lovely Melbourne Cup lunch I had replied to because I felt miserable) and I had decided to frock up on Tuesday and have fun with my girlfriends! 

Today I am grateful for our fun cheap shop called What’s Hot in the Gap. Yesterday I bought a great spiders web and a beautiful owl that even has flashing lights to go at our door for Hallloween. I even remembered to buy treats for anyone who comes to our door. We live on acreage and if the kids make the trek up our stairs they are really disappointed if I don’t have anything for them ( I know this from previous experience). So even though I am not mad on Halloween I have got a little into the spirit this year. Luckily I have got a sore arm so I can’t carve a pumpkin……( they were in the supermarket yesterday and Lucy suggested it).   

 Today I am grateful for our spa. I managed to get in and out of it this morning on my own and I did my exercises in it. 

Today I am grateful for the beautiful walk Lucy and I did around the The Gap Reservoir near Walkabout Creek. It was a 5km walk around the waters edge and it was beautiful.

Today I am grateful for our great coffee shop in the Gap called The Lodge. It does super yummy food and coffee. 

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