Week Nineteen Wednesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for my beautiful husband David. We had a weekend away at Kingscliff last weekend and talked and laughed and had fun.

I am grateful that David has taken on so many things in the last few months. He has cooked, shopped, ironed, driven the children places and generally taken on a lot of the role that I usually have in our partnership. I worry that I am redundant and that David does a better job than I do but I am grateful that it gives me the opportunity to continue to rest and heal. 

I am grateful for the time David has spent with my parents. They have needed some advice about their retirement and how to go forward in the years ahead of them. We have a family who all live to older than ninety so hopefully they will be around for a long while and be able to manage independently for that time. 

I am grateful that David is back on his bike and training again. I get nervous when he goes out and I also get jealous that he is out there and I am not but I am still grateful that he is out staying fit and healthy and has a constructive outlet for his stress.

I am grateful that David is walking regularly with me. Some mornings David doesn’t go riding and we walk together. It is so much easier to walk with someone. I know David enjoys the quieter pace of walking and appreciates that we are out there doing it together. 

I am grateful David makes me laugh. David regularly says and does things that makes me laugh so hard that I cry. 

I am just grateful for David. I know David is driven human being. It is why he is so successful and why we as a family have been able to lead the amazing life we have. He is however kind, compassionate, loving, gentle and very very focused on caring for all his family in a very special way. 


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